White Prison Gangs

Aryan Brotherhood photo used in Federal trial


The findings are summarized from a 2004 survey which asked the prison respondent to identify the name of a white prison gang. Table 1 presents the top ten white prison gangs in America today. The ranking system here is based on the extent of the problem across jurisdictions. For example, it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with this problem that the Aryan Brotherhood gang is listed as the number one gang on this national list. The Aryan Brotherhood or AB’s have been documented in all 50 states, and this dates back over a decade. The book entitled The Hot House by Pete Earley is based on interviews from AB’s in the federal prison system and is a very accurate portrayal of the gang’s sophistication and its violent potential.

In the racially charged tension of the prison system in America, most white gangs are in a constant “state of war” with black and hispanic gangs. But, it should be stated that not all white gangs are racist. Perhaps we should say that even if they are racist, or have lots of racist members, such “non-racist” gangs may also have an alliance with black or hispanic gangs.

Table 1
Top 10 white prison gangs ranked by the level of their representation in the national gang problem behind bars

1. Aryan Brotherhood
2. Aryan Nations
3. Skinheads
4. Ku Klux Klan
5. Peckerwoods
6. Aryan Circle
7. White Aryan Resistance (WAR)
8. Neo-nazis
9. Dirty White Boys
10. United Aryan Brotherhood

Table 2
Top 50 white prison gangs in the USA (unranked)

1. Aryan Brotherhood - Nationwide
2. Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
3. Aryan Circle - South
4. Aryan Family
5. Aryan Nations
6. Brothers of White Strength - Connecticut
7. Christian Identity
8. Dirty White Boys - South, Midwest
9. Irish Mob - New York
10. Hammerskins - Nationwide, International
11. Ku Klux Klan
12. NLR - Nazi Lowriders - California, West, South
13. Neo-nazis
14. Northsiders - Illinois, Midwest
15. Outlaw Mafia
16. Oklahoma Aryan Brotherhood - Oklahoma
17. Pagans MC - Northeast
18. Peckerwoods - West, South
19. Simon City Royals - Midwest, South
20. Skinheads - Nationwide, International
21. Southern Brotherhood - Alabama
22. United Aryan Brotherhood
23. White Aryan Resistance (WAR)
24. World Church of the Creator
25. White Pride
26. Aryan Knights - Idaho
27. Aryan Warriors - Nevada
28. Blood and Honour
29. Caucasian Cartel - Ohio
30. Cincinnati Caucasian Cartel - Ohio
31. DOTAR (Defenders of the Aryan Race)
32. European Kindred - Oregon, West
33. Freight Train Riders Association (FTRA)
34. Hell’s Angels MC - Nationwide, International
35. Insane Gangster Disciples - Midwest, South
36. Iron Eagle Skinheads
37. National Alliance
38. Posse Comitatus
39. Saxon Knights - Indiana, Midwest
40. SAW - Silent Aryan Warriors - Utah, West
41. SAC - Soldiers of Aryan Culture - Utah, West
42. Sons of Silence MC - Midwest, South, Germany
43. Texas Mafia
44. White Pride World Wide
45. National Socialist Movement
46. White Knights
47. United Brotherhood Kindred - Michigan
48. Universal Aryan Brotherhood
49. Stone Mercenaries
50. Fourth Reich - Utah

* Dead Man Inc - Northeast, South
* PENI - Public Enemy Number One - California, West
* Krieger Verwandt - Utah
* Brotherhood of Aryan Alliance
* Chicago Gaylords - Illinois, Midwest
* 211 Crew - Colorado
* Wood Pile Gang - Colorado
* Hard Ass Crackers - Alabama


One of the open-ended questions on the survey asked “what are the largest white racist “religious” front groups that are proselytizing to the inmates in your facility?”

Top 10 white racist “religious” front groups in American prisons today (ranked by frequency cited nationally)

1. World Church of the Creator (Creativity Movement)
2. Aryan Brotherhood (not a religion)
3. Aryan Nations
4. Ku Klux Klan
5. Asatru (Norse paganism)
6. Odinism (Germanic paganism)
7. Christian Identity
8. Skinheads (not a religion)
9. Church of Jesus Christ Christian
10. Wotansvolk Wotanism (David Lane's brand of Odinism)

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