Simon City Royals

The Simon City Royals (SCR’s) were a major northside Chicago street gang. The SCR’s in the mid-1970's found their leadership prosecuted, convicted, and doing time in Illinois Department of Corrections. The SCR’s had great drug connections, and the GD’s (a predominantly black gang) had the best “clout” in terms of protection inside the prisons. Larry Hoover extended a unique cross-racial “gang alliance” to the SCR’s under a quid pro quo arrangement: the GD’s would be able to buy SCR drugs at established discount prices (SCR drug connections provided a better quality product in terms of the purity of the drug, e.g., cocaine in particular), and in return the SCR would be considered “folks” just like the GD’s, and thus all GD’s would be required to “protect” their fellow folks, even if these “folks” were white. To the SCR’s, this was a remarkably good deal: and the SCR’s quickly folded into the GD alliance. The SCR’s became a folks gang, and they developed a formalized constitution with the “six points” alliance (Folks).


* the letter "R"
* initials "SCR"
* latin cross w/three dashes
* rabbit head w/right ear bent
* the phrase "no pity"
* six-point star (seldom used)
* pitchforks (
seldom used)

Hat turned to the right side (pant leg up, shoe untied, earring, etc).

Kansas City Royals (team) clothing is common and they often carry blue bandannas.

Colors: black and blue

Ethnicity: white and hispanic [predominantly white outside of Chicago]

Chicago area,
Midwest, and southern states

Folk Nation
(Gangster Disciples, Latin Disciples, etc)

People Nation (Gaylords, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, etc)

Criminal activities: drug dealing, burglary, robbery, weapons violation, assault, murder

See also:
Insane Gangster Disciples

Guard gets probation in Simon City Royals case

A prison guard recruited by the Simon City Royals street gang to smuggle contraband into the Racine Correctional Institution was sentenced Monday to three years of probation.

In making the probation recommendation, Assistant District Attorney Grant Huebner told Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Kevin Martens that the now former guard, John Champion, has been instrumental in the Simon City Royals investigation.

He noted that Champion, as a former prison guard, would be highly motivated to follow the terms of his probation and avoid incarceration.

"I am deeply ashamed of my actions," Champion told Martens.

Champion, 40, of Oak Creek, was one of 15 members and one associate of the Royals charged in September with a variety of offenses, including racketeering, loan-sharking, drug dealing and battery.

In June, Champion pleaded guilty to one felony count of delivering illegal articles to an inmate.

Champion joined the gang in 2005, when the head of the gang's Wisconsin chapter, Anthony Lubrano, was an inmate in Racine.

Champion supplied Lubrano with pornography, cigarettes, pills and marijuana.

Lubrano has pleaded guilty to racketeering and was sentenced in May to four years in prison.

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