Saxon Knights

Saxon Knights is a white prison gang started in 1995 at Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana. The gang was started by two friends from the same county. The gang's symbol is a medieval shield (coat of arms) divided into four parts, with a sword pointing down in the middle, along with a crossed battle-axe & hammer behind the shield. There's a ribbon above the shield with the words "Honor - Brotherhood - Loyalty." The four parts inside the shield are colored white, purple, red, and gold. White for their race, purple for their royalty, red for the blood their ancestors shed, and gold for their brotherhood. The letters "S" and "K" are in two sections that run diagonal, a knights helmet opposite of the "S," and the section next to the "K" is for whatever they choose to place there. If someone is removed as a member their patch (tattoo) must also be removed. SK's are primarily in the Indiana prisons, but have recently spread beyond prison walls, with chapters in the Midwest and Arizona.

Some SK's have Nazi swastikas and racist tattoos

1488 = 14 Words, 88 Precepts



January, 2009

Highland Police ans releasing the following details of Friday nights shooting incident in the 2800 block of Highway Avenue The first victim is identified as 34 year old Chad Maxwell of Indianapolis, Indiana. The second victim is 28 year old Elijah Gard ot Blccmington, Indiana. Both victims are recovering. The owner of the weapon involved Is identified as Linda Harvey age 50 from Highland. The alleged shooter is John Stefanich, 52 years old from Highland. At this time police only have statements from Harvey and Stefanich as the alleged victims have been less than cooperative.

All Involved were acquaintances and had agreed to meet at a downtown bar for less than thirty minutes before the Incident. No one appeared to have been intoxicated. All subjects exited the bar and became involved in an argument outside in the parking lot. At which time the two shooting victims began battering Harvey and Stefanich. Harvey allegedly in fear for their well being displayed a firearm and fired a shot into the air. Harvey became disarmed only to have Stefanich allegedly retrieve the firearm from the ground and while being beaten and kicked, fired the weapon striking the victims. Highland Police believe the incident involved issues related to the "Saxon Knights' (an Indiana based prison gang). Police are looking for Charles Oliver, age 33 of Merrilrvllle, Indiana formerly from Marion County, Indiana for questioning in this Incident. Investigators are continuing to work with the Prosecutor's Office to identify and file the applicable charges.


Anonymous testimony from a former prison guard

I am a former guard who worked for the Indiana Department of Corrections, and I would like to make a few comments regarding the Saxon Knights as I saw them. I know when you hear of a group of white men in prison you almost always think its about racism, white supremacy and/or hate groups. That is a stigma that primarily has been placed on these groups by gangs like the Aryan brotherhood. While these gangs do exist, Saxon Knights are not like that. In my opinion I wouldn't even call them a gang , they act more like a family of brothers who are well unified. Being a guard among prison inmates I have had individual conversations with many Saxon Knights (aka S.K.'s) and they all seem to be educated for the most part, and somewhat honorable. In fact, I'd say just about every S.K. that I've spoken to was either in college, a GED class, or some vocational trade, and they all say pretty much the same thing... that knowledge to them is the key to the future, and without it the past is destine to repeat itself. WOW, this comes from inmates!! Its my opinion to label them as a gang is unfair. Don't get me wrong I have seen several fights take place involving these guys and other inmates, so they are violent at times, however fighting is a common occurrence in prison, due to the hostile environment. In those altercations involving S.K. members, when its all said and done they are usually on the respectable side of those situations, and weren't the instigators. They are defiantly not a passive group of guys when it come to something they feel strongly about, or when it comes to one of their own being threatened. They are certainly a tight knit group. I personally have shook-down their cells and had to confiscate what they call their "bi-laws" and after reading them, they seem to have positive, moral values that most of them seem to uphold. The S.K. are a pretty good group of guys.


A female member talks about the SK prison gang

What is the Saxon Knight Organization? When I first noticed this on here my first impulse was to ignore it. I figured it’s not anyone’s concern who the Saxon Knights are. However after seeing how many ignorant people left comments about something they know absolutely nothing about. I figured I would tell the world exactly what the Saxon Knight Organization is. Its time we informed you rather than let those who know nothing try to sound informed.

In 1995 the Saxon Knight organization was founded in the Pendleton Correctional Facility; a maximum-security prison located in central Indiana. The Saxon Knights Organization is nearly 1000 men and women centered mainly in Indiana, but also reaching into other states such as Illinois Ohio Kentucky Alabama and Georgia. Though founded in prison the numbers in the free world are quickly surpassing those that are incarcerated. The Saxon Knights values and morals are the key to understanding us. Though many of us have made mistakes we refuse to allow those mistakes to define us as people. Instead we choose to make changes in our lives so that we may be better suited to contribute a positive law abiding manner to our society.

The majority of Saxon Knights are college educated men and women who have strong family ties and believe that getting back to positive family values is a key to a better future. The Saxon Knight Organization is active in community outreach and has contributed to a number of charities and outreach programs. They have aided those affected by storms and floods in Indiana. In December 2007 they donated several thousand dollars in toys clothing and money to the Children’s Guardian home in Marion county Indiana located in Indianapolis Indiana.

Though none of us are perfect we stress holistic wellness amongst our members. We encourage our membership to seek further education, to exercise daily, and to seek spiritual guidance in some form of positive religion or philosophy. No religion is looked down upon within this Organization so long that it teaches positive values and morals. While some of the ignorant uninformed who have left comments have called us a racist Organization. To that my response is no we are not a racist Organization. Do we have racist members? Yes we do. Unfortunately in the world we live in today any place where 10 or more are grouped together odds are you will have a racist in the midst. No matter what ethnic background or religion they come from there will be a racist. Racism is prevalent in all areas of our society such as the law enforcement field, judicial fields, medical fields; it is even prevalent in the United States Senate and Congress. The only difference between the Saxon Knights and these other organizations and fields is that we admit that we have members still holding to these outdated mindsets.

As an organization we encourage those with these values to seek education because we believe racism is outdated. Instead we consider ourselves ethno-preservationists. When we look at people we believe the differences we see is what makes life interesting. We encourage all ethnic background to be proud of who you are and how you look. We would like to applaud all those who work to preserve those values and traditions that define who you are you’re your ethnicity.

Very soon the Saxon Knight Organization will have an active website. Anyone who has questions will be able to log on and ask. Anyone who would like to be a member will be able to apply for membership. We will also have a great clothing line available online. This line will be rooted in European under tones but available to all those who are interested. The Saxon Knight Organization would like to assure the public that we are not a gang, thugs, or criminal syndicate. We are a group of like-minded men and women trying to make positive changes in our lives and communities. God Bless you all. The founding President of the Saxon Knight Organization authorizes this posting. - Lady Saxon

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