Insane Gangster Disciples

Insane Gangster Disciples are white kids who grew up admiring the hip-hop life, and once in custody found themselves face-to-face with the real thing: thus they dare not call themselves “real” Gangster Disciples, they call themselves “Insane Gangster Disciples”, aka White kids in the GD-identified gang. They get their “literature” right over the Internet, or through the GD book: Blueprint for Growth and Development. They do exist by the same name independently of the GD’s, but they are in many respects spouting the same language and symbols as their Black GD counterparts. Sometimes, in prison, though, real GD’s do not want anything to do with “wannabe” white GD’s such as Insane GD’s. But the real GD will always take any pleasure or advantage offered in respect from an Insane white GD. It's basic economics: it is an economic advantage to the real GD gang to have wannabe white GD’s in the wings offering free goods and services, thus the Insane GD gang is “tolerated” as a kind of white bread “auxiliary unit”. Within the real prison-based Gangster Disciple gangs, the black members generally view the IGD’s as subservient flunkies.


* initials "IGD" or "974"
* six-point star
* pitchforks
* heart w/wings
* devil horns
* 3-point king's crown (or imperial style)
* devil's tail
* number[s] six, 360, and 720

Hat turned to the right side (pant leg up, shoe untied, earring, etc).

Oakland Raiders (team) clothing is common and they often carry bandannas with gang colors.

Colors: black, blue, white, and grey

predominantly white

Territory: Midwest (not in Chicago), and southern states

Allies: Folk Nation (Simon City Royals, GD's, Latin Disciples, etc) , Crips

People Nation (Latin Kings, Vice Lords, etc), Bloods

Criminal activities: drug dealing, burglary, vandalism, weapons violation, robbery, assault


Stacking is the act of throwing up gang signs while throwing down rival gang signs to show disrespect.



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