Leo Felton

Leo Vincelette Felton (born 1970, Silver Spring, Maryland) is an American white supremacist who was convicted of bank robbery and plotting to blow up Jewish and black landmarks around Boston. He is one quarter African American. He has stated that he no longer believes wholeheartedly in the white supremacist cause, but he has not renounced or distanced himself from his former views. Felton wrote a letter in which he criticized his parents and said he is "ever an unrepentant enemy of the multicultural myth."

Leo Felton's father

Leo Felton's father, Calvin Felton (b. 1930), is of mixed race and considers himself black, while his mother, Corinne Vincelette (b. 1931), is a former nun who became involved in the civil rights movement and had a Jewish grandparent. His parents divorced when he was two, and his mother came out as a lesbian and started a relationship with a Jewish woman. Felton was institutionalized at age 10 by his mother (both he and his father say this was unnecessary), and thereafter he committed a series of petty thefts, which he has attributed to a combination of institutionalisation and "aggressive black DNA". During his middle to late adolescence, Felton spent several years as a so-called 2 Tone non-racist skinhead in the multicultural punk and skinhead underground of Washington, DC; during which time he repeatedly came into conflict with white power skinhead gangs of nearby Baltimore. During this period, Felton had many Jewish and African American friends and associates including the sister of DC area murderer Samuel Sheinbein.

Felton spent 11 years (1990-2001) in prison for the attempted murder of a taxi driver during a road rage incident. According to Felton, his incarceration provided him with an opportunity to observe how different races reacted when integration was enforced and societal stigmas over racism were not in action to civilize conduct. He claims that white people in prison were under a continual state of siege by people of other races, and that he was welcomed by whites, while blacks tried to rape him. His prison sentence was extended for attacking two blacks who made sexual advances. In prison, he became an organizer for white supremacist groups, organizing book reviews and exercise while obscuring his ancestry. He found inspiration from the White Order of Thule and read Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium, which led him to believe that race was spiritual instead of biological.

Out of prison and married, Felton began an affair with Erica Chase, a 21 year old white supremacist. Felton robbed a bank with a friend from prison and forged money in order to buy materials to create a fertilizer bomb. It is unclear what the target was to be. He also wanted to assassinate high profile black people and Jews such as Jesse Jackson and Steven Spielberg. An attendant at a donut shop spotted a counterfeit $20 Chase tried to pass him. He alerted an off-duty Boston police officer, who then arrested Chase and Felton. Felton was sentenced to 21 years in 2002 for bank robbery, conspiracy to commit bank robbery and other crimes. After learning of his ancestry, many of Felton's comrades agreed to testify against him.


At thirty, Leo Felton was already a tragic figure when he left prison in January. Although he was the child of an inter-racial couple, Felton had a lengthy history of racist violence. The heavily tattooed young man spent the previous eleven years in prison for nearly killing a black cab driver in New York and for slitting the throats of two fellow black inmates. During his stay in prison, he discovered two things: the White Order of Thule and Erica Chase.

The White Order of Thule (WOT) gave Felton’s racist rage focus. WOT is an esoteric neo-Nazi outfit that published Fenris Wolf and was known inside prison walls for its violence. Felton received copies of Fenris Wolf while in a New York penitentiary and became a WOT member. (For more on the White Order of Thule, see Searchlight, October 2000).

The White Order of Thule also gave Felton a partner-in-crime. Through the pages of Fenris Wolf, Felton became prison pen pals with Erica Chase, a teenager who moved from New Hampshire to Indiana after high school. The two quickly began plotting their “racial holy war.”

Like The Order, the infamous neo-Nazi terror group, the two began counterfeiting money to bankroll their terror campaign. Upon his parole in January, Felton purchased a computer and set to work producing bogus bills, which he sent to Chase in Indiana. Chase used the money to get to Boston, where the two lived together until their arrest on April 19 after passing phony currency at a Dunkin’ Donuts.

On 20 June, Felton and Chase were indicted in an alleged plot to bomb the New England Holocaust Memorial and several other targets. According to the indictment, Felton had purchased 50 pounds of ammonium nitrate and other bomb-making supplies. The pair will stand trial later this year.

The full tragedy of Felton’s story is spelled out in a handwritten 4-page letter to the Boston Herald, where Felton denounced his parents and by extension himself, “What they did in comingling (sic) their blood was wrong. Evil, even. A government that permits such conduct is also, to that extent, wrong.”

Felton closed the letter written from his jail cell with an homage to the writings Order member David Lane, with the phrase, “I remain, damned and defiant.” However, with his “secret” racial identity exposed, fellow racists immediately ostracized Felton. Nonetheless, he remains steadfast, “I am what I am. Contaminated, falsely condemned, and alienated from my comrades. But a lover of Nature (sic) nonetheless, and a lover of the West, and ever an unrepentant enemy of the multicultural myth,” he wrote.

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